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The individual contribution can represent the whole team performance

Release time:2018-11-30 Publisher:

In order to enhance team cohesion and enhance communication and friendship, the company's Shenzhen Department organized staff to go to Wuzhiyu Reservoir for outdoor development activities on March 31, 2018. On the day of the tug-of-war competition, five goals, invincible hot wheels, running with the ball and other project activities to educate all the staff in a fun and enjoyable way. 

"The individual contribution can represent the whole team performance ." In the additional activities, the Eagles and the Flying Dragons conducted a competition, and our elites all showed their efforts and displayed  their own advantages to accomplish the goals and tasks, truly embodying the unity and cooperation of a team. In this process, we also exercised and enhanced the comprehensive ability of Huiling elites to complete the process of setting goals, planning, organizing, and executing.

In the picnic, everyone had a division of role, and they all showed their brilliance, such as killing chickens, slaughtering fish, washing vegetables, and burning fire. At the same time, as the smoke rose up, the scent was also coming. After more than one hour of cooperation, the delicacies of the Fragrant Spices are finally out. Let's raise a glass together, taste the delicious food that we have done together, and store the beautiful moment on the mobile phone.

Through this activity, it does not only expand the physical and intellectual skills of Huiling's family, but also more importantly, it changes some of our thinking patterns. It integrates profound theories into a seemingly simple activity, letting everyone understand that 'I am going to refine myself'. When the activities are intertwined with hardworking, I have profoundly experienced that the growth of a team has to undergo thousands of tempering to be successful!

Finally, I would like to thank each and every member of our team. We have faced the challenges of exhaustion and pressure together, completed a series of tasks, enjoyed the joy of success after hardships, enhanced communication and friendship, and greatly enhanced team cohesion and combat effectiveness!



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